Maison d'hôtes à Marseille

Opened all year long, guest's house Auberges Pagnol welcomes you in any simplicity, warmth and attention. Situated on the mound of the Plain, the district proposes you restaurants, terraces, galleries, markets, theaters.

Idealy situated in the heart of the phocéenne city and of its multiple centres of interest, you are unless 10 minutes on foot, of Canebière, the Vieux Port and all the conveniences (streetcar, cycles, Subways, drunk) 

My only preoccupation is that you feel at home, comfortable and quite without embarrasment..

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Auberges Pagnol au journal télévisé  de Claire Chazal Mars 2009

Guest's House Auberges Pagnol - 55 rue Jaubert - 13005 Marseille - France

Tél : +33 (0)6 81 64 33 61 - E-mail :