Situation and access...

Here, you are in the headquarters of the artists, musicians and "bourgeois-bohemians". Julien Courts abound in crammed terraces of cafes from April, of ornamental tags, of shops underground, and of pedestrian streets. A very pleasant and alive district with its market picturesque and colored with the Plain square. 

The access to all the conveniences is very easy (subway, streetcar, bus, cycle) and paying car parks are near.

To access to the house...

From Saint Charles station (a shuttle from Marseille airport to Saint Charles station)

Subway  2 (to Sainte Marguerite-Dromel) stop Noailles station and streetcar T1 (to Les Caillols) and stop Eugène Pierre station , and 5mn by feet by walking Boulevard Chave, and Boulevard Eugène Pierre and on your right, Jaubert street... 

You can also take the number 52 bus (from Saint-Charles station to Métro-La Timone station), stop Monte Cristo-Le Camas station, walking Progres street and on your right, Jaubert Street

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Guest's House Auberges Pagnol - 55 rue Jaubert - 13005 Marseille - France

Tél : +33 (0)6 81 64 33 61 - E-mail :